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    Westnyle is a heavy metal band from Long Island, New York.  Formed in 2010 by guitarist John Campaiola, the band immediately delved into the songwriting and recording.  With the help of brother Mike on vocals, and Anthony Ruiz on bass, the band soon completed their first self-produced EP.  Upon discovering drummer Roger Eisenhardt in early 2012, the band cemented their current lineup.  All members shared the common goal of creating metal music that not only incorporated the sounds of their many influences, but also presenting a hard-hitting and unique representation of the genre.

     For the next two years, Westnyle went on to accomplish several landmarks.  In 2014, they completed their second self-produced EP, and shared the stage with national acts including Shadows Fall, Soulfly, and Unearth.  In late 2015, the band decided to assess their current material and embarked on writing their finest work to date.  In the summer of 2016, they teamed up with Liquid Studios and began the recording process.  This collaboration not only helped produce the band's most polished work, but also allowed them to delve deeper into the writing process.  By December of 2016, Westnyle released Witch’s Mark.  

     The new release is the band’s statement regarding modern society, as well as the frailty of the human condition.  It displays that they have come closer to perfecting a songwriting formula that is reflected in the diverse array of songs on the EP.  With this new chapter, Westnyle will continue to make their mark, and continue to be New York’s premier answer to the metal community.


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